Capturing Instagram Interest Featured Image

Capturing and Maintaining The Interest Of A Large Instagram Audience

Capturing Instagram Interest Featured Image
As far as marketing your brand online goes, Instagram is among the greatest tools you can have in your arsenal. With 700 million users, you can be certain that your current and prospective customers are on the platform and by setting up and running a successful account, you can reach them.

For you to tap into the immense marketing potential of Instagram, there are some things you need to do right. Here are a few.

Post your unique content

Make sure that the content you post on the social media platform belongs to you. Instagram users are interested in your unique message, so don’t post generic posts or posts created by someone else. Furthermore, by sticking to content that only you have created, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Post only your best stuff

In addition to seeing content that’s uniquely yours, your followers want to see high-quality posts. People log into Instagram to see great photography, so keep them interested by posting highly creative, the well-thought-out content of a wide variety. Use all the options for posting: single photos, multiple photos in a single post, regular videos, live videos, and Instagram stories.

Experiment with a couple of filters and backgrounds for your posts before settling on one. Once you determine what works, stick with it to have a distinct style that your followers for Instagram can recognise. At this point, consider consulting professional photographers if you know little about photography.

Engage your audience

Once your high-quality posts are up, your Instagram audience may respond to it by liking your posts and commenting on them. Make your Instagram profile highly interactive by replying to comments on your post. Users appreciate it when your brand notices them and will often reward you by following you and remaining loyal.

Boost your visibility by encouraging your followers and customers to post about their experiences with your products or services. Instagram contests are useful in this regard. Ask your customers to post about your products/services and have them tag those posts with your brand name and hashtag, then offer a nice prize to the best. This generates a buzz around your brand.

Post often

Your Instagram followers and customers on the platform want to see fresh content. So for you to keep them interested, you need to have a deliberate strategy for the frequency of posting. Do some research and find out what time your target audience is most active and which hashtags they are most interested in, then tailor your posts accordingly.

Avoid hard-selling

As you market your brand on Instagram, never lose sight of why people are on the platform. They’re there to have fun and enjoy great photos and videos, not to be sold to stuff. Give them a great experience by posting top-quality content and exercise good judgment in the way you incorporate calls-to-action and sales pitches into the conversation.

Walter MooreWalter Moore has worked as a social media strategist in the SEO industry for seven years. He has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to social media marketing, including gaining visibility by leveraging followers for Instagram.


The Reason Why Everyone Loves Instagram


In this generation, people are very fascinated with technology, more so with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and much more. Today, everyone seems to be so hooked on their smartphones or iPhones. You can see almost everyone always logging into their social media accounts just to post about anything they want to show their friends or even strangers. It is undeniable that Facebook has achieved success massively. And now, Instagram is continuing to innovate and reaching out to more people. An official Instagram page of an individual or business aims to get real Instagram followers. This means real people with Instagram accounts and not just trolls.

Instagram followers are there basically for these five reasons:

Instagram displays excellent photos.

Nowadays, people love capturing photographs of just about anything and anywhere. This is not just to show off to friends. Somehow, it also brings out the creativity of a person. Most people love seeing beautiful pictures of food or places and wish they could experience the same. Photography is also becoming a new hobby for many people. A good image of a product also speaks a thousand words and could signal boosting of sales in the market.


Instagram tells a story.

Just by merely looking at the photos, you can sense that it is telling you an incredible story. Instagram is also a place for bloggers to showcase the stories they want to tell the world. Because of the story, Instagram followers are expected to grow. Instagram is not just a place for trolling around. You cannot just buy Instagram daily likes just to show that you have a significant number of real Instagram followers; you have to creatively share inspiring stories that will help you get more followers and likes.

Instagram is fun.

What is Instagram without having fun? Of course, followers won’t stay long if they do not experience the fun and excitement of what Instagram has to offer. Also, it’s not only about the photos; Instagram has also made video uploading easier. Plus, you get to use Instagram Live video! Who could ignore direct messaging? This allows a faster interactive way of making friends online. Now, the newest addition to Instagram’s features is the ability to save the photos that you’ve liked. It’s about time!

Instagram has a great potential as a business tool.

Aside from a website, businesses need social media pages to engage the audience. If your business is not on the internet, you are nothing. This sentence is now becoming a fact because of how social media influences the people, especially on Instagram. Lately, videos have been one of the best modes of marketing for businesses. It pays to increase views on Instagram videos found in your business’ Instagram account. Moreover, advertisements on televisions are also being shown on Instagram to promote products to more people. Today, people use social media more often than turning on the TV.

Instagram is free.

Who wouldn’t want anything for free? Instagram is readily available and can be installed immediately on your smartphones. There are no premium fees to be collected from a user. However, business owners need to pay for their advertisements in reaching more people who are not their followers yet. This is one way of getting more followers to follow your page. As a follower, you become a targeted audience of business owners, so don’t get annoyed with the ads that are appearing while you’re scrolling down Instagram.

The influence of social media especially Instagram has grown over the years. This is why people resort to buying Instagram daily likes. More people get acquainted with each other through their accounts. This is a good way to building relationships not only personal but business relationships, too. The power of Instagram is affecting businesses and is giving small business owners a chance to achieve tremendous success.


sheena-mathiesonSheena Mathieson understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

Social Signals – The New Search Engine Optimization

social signals for search engine optimization - seoWe are all familiar with the idiom that word of mouth is generally thought to be the best form of advertising. People are more likely to shop in a store that has been recommended by a friend over any other form of marketing. However, up until recently internet search engines have not fully capitalized on this phenomenon. Now, search engines like Google use Social Signals as a part of their algorithm to determine how high your website will rank in search results. If you are looking to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business website, you have to make sure your site is generating positive social signals.

United Breaks Guitars – The Power of Online Word of Mouth

On March 31, 2008, musician Dave Carroll was on a United flight destined from Halifax to Omaha, Nebraska. While the plane was on the tarmac, Dave saw the luggage handlers tossing guitar cases to the ground while they finished loading the other luggage, supposedly keeping the guitars separate to have the luggage bay loaded more efficiently. Concerned, Dave checked his guitar upon retrieving it in Omaha. Indeed, his $3,500 Taylor guitar had suffered a broken neck. When he tried to make a claim for the amount, United refused, saying that Carroll had not submitted the claim within the allotted 24 hour period.

Dave Carroll decided he would play the part of Academy award winning documentarian Michael Moore. He created a music video that he published to YouTube on July 6, 2008 entitled “United Breaks Guitars”. Ironic to the United allotted claim period, within 24 hours his video had 150,000 views. By July 9, that number had increased to 500,000. On the same day, United’s stock dropped 10%, costing stockholders around $180 million in value.

Social Signals Impact On Search Engine Optimization and your Business

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr – the list of social sites online are now endless. People are connecting with others and figuratively shaking hands with one another around the globe. Strangers that have never met each other physically (though they may be neighbours) are talking, and much of it is about what they have experienced at a restaurant nearby, or the hotel they stayed at while visiting North America from Europe, or the dentist who stayed late one night to help a concerned parent when their child broke a tooth, or… you get the picture.

This online community is a gold mine to search engines. You’ve undoubtedly seen symbols like Google’s “+1” and the “Like Us On Facebook!” plea on websites. When a website (maybe yours) is linked to a positive review on Facebook or Google+, the value of that review is much higher than what can be garnered by a search engine crawling your site. When looking to rank a site, it is now important that a site that has many positive comments, reviews and mentions on social media sites will see themselves higher in the search engine rankings than a site without.

What does this mean to the average business like yours? Simply this – managing social signals has become a necessity for you and your website’s search engine optimization. Whether you try to keep it in-house through hiring someone to manage these social signals or subcontracting it out to another company, it is imperative for business to listen and appeal to the online community. If not, someone else might sing a song on YouTube called “Bob’s Diner Spit In My Soup” or, even worse, there might be no discussion about Bob’s Diner at all. And Bob may find himself out of business.

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