5 Killer Marketing Ideas for Tech Companies

Undoubtedly, the advancements in technology have changed the world of marketing completely. Unlike yesterday, marketing and advertisements today are not just limited to billboards and a few TV commercials. Companies today are introducing virtual reality mobile apps to 3D ads to fascinate their customers and keep them engaged. When every company is taking the help of technology to boost their marketing strategy, the tech companies are being expected to come up with more creative and technical initiatives to market and promote their products and services.

If you too are experiencing the crushing pressure of developing innovative technological ideas for marketing, here are some killer ideas to help you out.

Video Content

Over time it has become apparent that videos tend to be more captivating and thrilling than text or images. They provide a more personal insight into the company and their products. This is the reason why several companies hire young social enthusiasts to start vlogs or YouTube series. It has been observed that such series tend to make customers for a longer period. For more episodes of the series, they subscribe to your channel.

Along with making videos, it is also recommended to promote on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. On Snapchat, you can create stories for each day. The same option is also available for the Instagram story.

Face Recognition

Influencing clients emotionally is a quick yet efficient way to win more followers. Spreading happiness and love has always been one of the most efficient ways of attracting new customers. Recently, Unilever started a happiness campaign in which vending machines were used to recognize people’s smiling faces and give them free giveaways. This idea was highly appreciated by people around who took a special interest in the products. This way introduced their product while influencing them emotionally.

Face recognition is just an idea that can be used with any other marketing technique to create brand awareness and introduce a new product or service in the market.

Targeted Advertising

Highly specific advertisement sometimes referred to as hyper-targeting is another blooming technique in the market. While surfing the internet, people leave a digital footprint that tells a lot about their interests and searching style. On getting a hand on this data, companies can make highly specific ads. As per their taste, style, and preferences to make their products fit their requirements fully. There is a Technology marketing agency in London that specializes in Targeted Advertising.

Improving your rank on SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a potential way to improve your site’s ranking on search engines and thus win more clients. To improve your position, it is essential to start and maintain a blog on a daily basis. You must upload content on your site that is sufficiently rich with substantial keywords that are searched more frequently.

You can write detailed guides, reviews about your products, helpful tips, etc. to keep your readers engaged. If any of your articles perform extraordinarily, i.e., it has more reach than usual, you can also approach a freelance SEO to help you with ranking your website.

Setting a specific budget

Whether you are a tech company or not, to progress regarding your marketing strategies, it is important to set a fixed budget for all your marketing activities. Most companies want their marketing department to stand out, but they usually fail to assign it a specific budget which is why it fails to achieve its goal. It is thus imperative for entrepreneurs to understand that like any other department in the company, marketing to requires proper funding.


Qurban is a freelance writer who offers to blog, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works in close collaboration with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for, which provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.



Local Carpet Cleaning Company SEO: Use These 5 Steps To Rank Better In Google


Just like other companies, carpet cleaners must find ways to entice new customers.  Unfortunately, when most people need their carpets cleaned, they only look at the top companies in online Google searches.  If you aren’t one of these listed companies, you’re missing out on new customers.  Thus, it’s imperative that your company ranks highly in Google searches via SEO or search engine optimization.

This article discusses a 5-step process that will help your company get higher search engine rankings.  However, it’s good to understand this SEO process and its potential to gain more carpet cleaning customers.


3 Reasons Why You Must Take Local SEO Seriously

Customers No Longer Use the Yellow Pages for Company Inquiries

In the past, it was easy to advertise in the Yellow Pages and get new customers.  However, 97 percent of consumers search online to obtain information, and Google is the number one online search engine.

Get Free Traffic

Business advertising has changed over the years, but this doesn’t mean it’s gotten cheaper.  The higher your company ranks in online searches, the more free traffic it could receive.  More traffic means that you have more chances to get more customers and spend less money to get that traffic.

Receive Quick Results

For most national and global companies, it can take as long as 12 months for their online search rankings to increase.  However, most carpet cleaning companies are local.  This is beneficial because you don’t have to compete with national and global companies.  You only have to worry about local competitors, and most of them haven’t tapped into local SEO yet.  The good thing is that your rank could greatly improve within only a couple of days.

Thus, local carpet cleaning companies should use the following five steps to boost their overall rankings in Google:

1. Find Keywords

The first step to getting better SEO rankings involves putting together a list of carpet cleaning keywords.  For example, pick generic keywords such as “carpet cleaning,” “cleaning carpets” or “rug cleaning.”  Find words that describe your company’s services. Once the list is complete, open a Google AdWords account.

Don’t worry because the account is free, and you won’t have to pay to initiate an ad campaign.  Opening an account just gives you access to Google’s Keyword Planner, which lists thousands of keywords from numerous niches.  Use the planner to research your list of keywords.  It has statistics about how many times your chosen keywords are searched for.  Not only can you estimate possible future traffic, but also find other keywords that you may not already have on your list.


Now, it’s time to compile a final keyword listing based upon your keyword planner research.  Divide your keywords into the following two types of keywords:

  • Buying Intent – When a person uses this type of keyword in an online search, chances are, that person is ready to buy. For instance, a keyword such as “professional carpet cleaning Vancouver” means that this person is looking for a carpet cleaning service in Vancouver. All in all, concentrate on buying intent keywords because they will attract buyers quickly.  Make sure they are prominent on your company homepage.
  • Research Intent – When a person uses this type of keyword in an online search, at this point, he is just researching your company. Do not focus on research intent keywords as much as buying keywords during advertising campaigns. This is because they don’t lead to quick conversions.  Use them in posts that describe your company’s services.  When customers are ready to make a buying decision, they’ll already be informed about your company’s carpet cleaning services.

2. Optimize Keywords in These Two Important Places

Make sure that your final keywords are optimized on your company website, and on your Google My Business page.

Google My Business Page

Consider this page to be a little summary of what your company has to offer.  This information is usually listed on the “Map” area of Google’s local business results.  Not only will this make your company more noticeable, but you can also expect to get higher rankings in Google’s search results.

It’s harder to get this type of ranking with just a regular website.  But make sure that your Google My Business has the following complete and correct information about your company:

  • Verification – Create a page and submit it to Google for verification. Once it meets Google’s approval, you will see a green checkmark by your company’s name.
  • NAP – This stands for the company name, address, and phone number. Make sure that all three things are correct. Keep in mind that this will be shown all over the internet, but you want to emphasize that you have a local business.  Do not list your company with an 800-phone number.  Choose a local number.
  • Categories – According to Google guidelines, you must list company categories per the services performed, and not by the benefits received. List both primary and secondary services. For instance, carpet cleaning may be your primary service.  However, your company may also offer upholstery cleaning, RV detailing and even leather cleaning.  Do not leave these secondary services out.  Try to list at least 3 to 5 service categories.
  • Description – Create a description of your company with a minimum of 100 words. Make sure it ends with an attention-grabbing call-to-action. Use the following format for your company description: Name the company and its main services.  List the city where your company is located.  Talk about company history and why customers keep coming back.  Provide a local company phone number and end with a strong call-to-action that tells potential customers what to do.  Consider offering a nice discount.
  • Hours – List your company’s hours. Ensure they are the same as other listings on the Internet. Also, distinguish between service and office hours.
  • Pictures – Put plenty of images on your Google My Business page. This is a great way to grab the attention of potential customers. All photos must be crisp, sized a minimum of 10KB and have a resolution of 720px x 720px.  Also, change the default Google My Business background.  Choose a background that displays your company’s brand instead.

Your Company Website

Focus on SEO for your company core pages. These are the homepage and service pages.  Make sure they are optimized with plenty of buying keywords.  Next, optimize your company’s blog and FAQs pages with intent keywords.  Concentrate on the following:

  • Homepage – When it comes to your homepages, pay the most attention to the title tag. Consider it to be just as important as book chapter titles. It should have at least 50 characters and formatted to show your company’s, name, primary service and city location.
  • Meta Description – this element should be a minimum of 100 characters. It should also name your primary service and have a call-to-action. The best format is to list the company name, the primary service, your city, a phone number and something to entice customers such as a discount.
  • H1 Headline – This headline must list your company’s main service. Not only should it describe what your company does, but it must also have a great call-to-action.
  • Page Copy – This copy should review your company within 500-1000 words. Display company history, services and customer testimonials. Be certain that it does not contain grammatical errors.
  • Service Pages – Each primary service must have a separate page that is filled with numerous buying intent keywords. The same rules used to optimize your homepage should be used for each primary service page.

This is an example of how you should use your keywords within your page titles. Our Phoenix website uses the following title:
Phoenix SEO Consultants – The SEO Arizona Experts – Search Engine Optimization Company

Since the foundation of your SEO campaign is done, start creating links and citations.  Both of these things can significantly boost your rank with Google.  Also, it helps you to get more potential customers.

  • Citations – What is a citation? It lists your company’s name, address and phone number. It is an online company NAP.  Place citations in places such as Facebook,, your local Chamber of Commerce and even different carpet cleaning directories.  Such directories are both free and paid.  Research Google Analytics to see which type of directory will drive the most traffic and lead to the most conversions.
  • Links – Google uses many factors to rank websites. One such factor depends on whether or not your website has a lot of inbound links from other authoritative websites. Connect with other companies in your industry in different cities. Obtain links from these types of websites.  You could even consider trading web links with industry companies.  Also, find out where the competition is getting authoritative links by utilizing online tools such as Moz Open Site Explorer.

4. Ask for Company Reviews

reviewsAsking for reviews is very beneficial. First, this convinces potential customers to take a chance on your company.  Also, it shows Google that your business is legit.  Most review sites can help in this respect, but Google My Business will drive the most traffic in a quick manner.  Email satisfied customers and ask them to review your company’s services.  Make sure there is a link to your Google My Business profile in all emails.  Do this on a regular basis, and you’ll find it very advantageous for your company.

5. Track Results

Track the results of all SEO campaigns.  This is the only way to know if they are working and if adjustments need to be made.  There is a lot of information to track, but concentrate on the following three things the most:

  • Rankings – Google factors in your browsing history when it determines your page rank. In order to get the right rankings, you must use a specific tool known as the Google Search Console. The name was changed from Google Webmaster.  Use this tool to check search engine rankings a minimum of once a month.  Also consider purchasing a paid tool that is listed on  This tool allows you to get information from each SEO campaign.
  • Traffic – Use Google Analytics, which is a good way to track results. It shows how much traffic is received and which website pages are providing the most traffic. You’ll also see how much traffic is generated based upon the Google search engine.  Track results and look for trends.
  • Conversions – When your website visitors do what is listed in your call-to-action, this means that you have a conversion. For instance, if they want them to call you for carpet cleaning, you’ll give them a discount. Google Analytics lets you monitor phone and website conversions.  Also, you’ll see which of your website pages have the worst and best conversions.


It’s Time for You to Follow These Steps!

Now, you can see how SEO campaigns can drive traffic to your business.  Follow these steps in order:

  • Find keywords
  • Optimize keywords in these two places
  • Create links and citations
  • Ask for company reviews
  • Track results

If you are still struggling with your SEO, we can help! Find out more about our SEO services in Vancouver.


Email marketing solutions for your business debts featured image

Deploy Effective Email Marketing Solutions For Your Business Debts!

Email marketing solutions for your business debts featured image
Business debts take a toll on the functions and the operations of your company. However, the sooner you eliminate them, the better! There are several ways via which you can realise business debts, and one of the most efficient ways is via email marketing!

Understanding email marketing and business debts

Emails have become an integral part of the business world today. In fact, they have replaced traditional communication in offices across the globe. They are faster and convenient. Email marketing has developed to spread awareness and education to customers. It also is used for recovering business debts as well. For the email marketing campaign to be successful, it is crucial for you to ensure that the language and the choice of words are appropriate for you to collect pending debts.

Be familiar with the basics

When it comes to email marketing for recovering debts, you need to be familiar with the basics. You have to create a collection strategy that helps you to realise the amount pending from defaulters. A key message needs to be developed and sent out to people. The emails are sent automatically to them so that the message reaches their inbox. You also can create a unique set of messages for collection and use the ones that are appropriate for each case.

It is crucial for you to be unique in your approach and ensure that you receive alerts when the client pays back the pending debts. The biggest advantage of email marketing for debt recovery is that it is cost effective. It saves you the time and money from making individual collection calls. Secondly, it also helps you to send some emails to defaulters at a single click. It spreads awareness of the nature of the debts pending and helps you get an account of the amount due from a single source.

How do emails help you in debt collection?

Email marketing also helps you to collect the debts that are pending from clients in a way that is non-intimidating. You can get free reports when it comes to the collection status. You also can offer online payment options in your email so that people get a link to give you back the money. In fact, if you are a collection agency you can also share tips and other articles when it comes to email marketing and the collection of pending debts. These are ways via which you can get your money back. Sometimes debtors forget they owe you money and so an email is an effective and polite way of reminding them. There is no need for you to go harsh with them in the first instance. You can subtly ask them for your money back. Most of the time the online payment options will help you realise your money faster with just a simple email.

Scheduled emails are sent to people at regular intervals

When it comes to email marketing for debt collection, it is important for you to ensure that they are sent to the debtor at regular intervals till the money is not realised. With the aid of email marketing, you can schedule these emails at regular intervals automatically. You do not have to resort to manual means and remember when to send them to debtors.

email on a mobile phone

Business debt consolidation – awareness and education

Esteemed company says that when it comes to business debts, some debtors look for remedies in the form of business debt consolidation. This means that all their pending debts are clubbed together under a single umbrella. These debts can be paid off in reduced instalments over a passage of time. Email marketing also helps businesses and collection agencies spread awareness on business debt consolidation. They help people to get back their money in an organised and consistent manner.
Improve the success rates of debt collection with email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have improved the success rates of debt collection online. They can establish active communication and trust. Moreover, most debtors are often offended by the intimidating calls that are made by collection and debt agencies. You can get back your money with the aid of simple reminders that are sent at regular intervals to the clients that owe you money.

Focus on a targeted audience for debt collection

The biggest advantage of email marketing is that it is focused on a targeted audience. The costs are just a fraction of the traditional communication costs that you incur when you send out these emails to a large group of people. With email marketing, you can create deeper relationships as the written communication will have a message that is to the point with instructions as to payment options and mode. With email marketing, you can control the people who see and read the email. This means you have no fears of it falling into the wrong hands. The recipient of the email will also receive information as to the mode of payment options from a single source. There are no print costs or advertising costs for both parties to be borne and this is what makes it very attractive and affordable.

Email marketing provides you with affordable solutions

Business debts are a liability for every company, however, with the affordable solutions for email marketing, you can remind and ask your clients to pay you the money on time. Even if you are a small business, you can reap the benefits of email marketing for your company. Deploy experts from good SEO companies to help and guide you. However, when it comes to email marketing, ensure that you have the right email strategy and advisor to plan it actually for you. This takes time, and a customized plan should be devised for success.

Take time to research well. Choose a company that has proven track records and positive reviews. Business debts can be realized, and they do not have to be a liability on your business forever!

Walter MooreWalter Moore has worked as a social media strategist in the SEO industry for seven years. He has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to social media marketing, including gaining visibility by leveraging followers for Instagram.


The Reason Why Everyone Loves Instagram


In this generation, people are very fascinated with technology, more so with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and much more. Today, everyone seems to be so hooked on their smartphones or iPhones. You can see almost everyone always logging into their social media accounts just to post about anything they want to show their friends or even strangers. It is undeniable that Facebook has achieved success massively. And now, Instagram is continuing to innovate and reaching out to more people. An official Instagram page of an individual or business aims to get real Instagram followers. This means real people with Instagram accounts and not just trolls.

Instagram followers are there basically for these five reasons:

Instagram displays excellent photos.

Nowadays, people love capturing photographs of just about anything and anywhere. This is not just to show off to friends. Somehow, it also brings out the creativity of a person. Most people love seeing beautiful pictures of food or places and wish they could experience the same. Photography is also becoming a new hobby for many people. A good image of a product also speaks a thousand words and could signal boosting of sales in the market.


Instagram tells a story.

Just by merely looking at the photos, you can sense that it is telling you an incredible story. Instagram is also a place for bloggers to showcase the stories they want to tell the world. Because of the story, Instagram followers are expected to grow. Instagram is not just a place for trolling around. You cannot just buy Instagram daily likes just to show that you have a significant number of real Instagram followers; you have to creatively share inspiring stories that will help you get more followers and likes.

Instagram is fun.

What is Instagram without having fun? Of course, followers won’t stay long if they do not experience the fun and excitement of what Instagram has to offer. Also, it’s not only about the photos; Instagram has also made video uploading easier. Plus, you get to use Instagram Live video! Who could ignore direct messaging? This allows a faster interactive way of making friends online. Now, the newest addition to Instagram’s features is the ability to save the photos that you’ve liked. It’s about time!

Instagram has a great potential as a business tool.

Aside from a website, businesses need social media pages to engage the audience. If your business is not on the internet, you are nothing. This sentence is now becoming a fact because of how social media influences the people, especially on Instagram. Lately, videos have been one of the best modes of marketing for businesses. It pays to increase views on Instagram videos found in your business’ Instagram account. Moreover, advertisements on televisions are also being shown on Instagram to promote products to more people. Today, people use social media more often than turning on the TV.

Instagram is free.

Who wouldn’t want anything for free? Instagram is readily available and can be installed immediately on your smartphones. There are no premium fees to be collected from a user. However, business owners need to pay for their advertisements in reaching more people who are not their followers yet. This is one way of getting more followers to follow your page. As a follower, you become a targeted audience of business owners, so don’t get annoyed with the ads that are appearing while you’re scrolling down Instagram.

The influence of social media especially Instagram has grown over the years. This is why people resort to buying Instagram daily likes. More people get acquainted with each other through their accounts. This is a good way to building relationships not only personal but business relationships, too. The power of Instagram is affecting businesses and is giving small business owners a chance to achieve tremendous success.


sheena-mathiesonSheena Mathieson understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

add more authority to writing

5 Ways to Add More Authority To Your Writing

In today’s blog post we have Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach telling us about 5 ways to add more authority to your writing. He provides some great tips on how you can do it to increase trust in your content and even grow your business.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but nobody is writing for people not to believe them, right?

We all want to write with authority.

The more we write with authority, the more people trust us.

The more people trust us, the more value our writing has, because more people will take action as they read it.

And, from a business perspective, the more that people trust us, the more they are inclined to buy from us.

As such, there are in innumerable number of reasons to want to add authority to our writing.

So how do we do it?

Do we use bigger words so that we can sound smarter?

Perhaps that might work for some audiences, but in most cases people turn to blogs as opposed to books because they tend to be more to the point and digestible.

While I would not advise using bigger words in your writing just for the sake of it, I do have a few tactics that you can start using today to improve the authority of your writing.

Reference Data

Did you know that 93% of blog posts do not reference any data?

Okay, that was a made up statistic.

Had it been true though it would have been a lot more compelling than saying something to the effect of “most blog posts do not reference any data”.

The fact of the matter is that finding and referencing data is easier than ever before.

Simply think of a statistic that would support your point, Google it, find a relevant article, and reference it in your post by linking to.

It’s that simple.

For example, in a recent post I wrote about why most blogs don’t make any money, I might start off with the following references.

A blog is born every half a second.

And yet 81% of blogs never make more than $100.

Instead of just saying most laws don’t make any money, I have data which shows just how many blogs as well as how few of them are making any money at all.

Cite An Expert

An expert is like a living data point.

Although they may not be able to provide you with something like 53% of blog posts are over 1000 words, they will provide you with a compelling opinion on a topic.

An extreme example of this is a round of post, for example here’s one that I wrote called 39 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their First EVER Sale.

In this post I cited 39 experts to get an understanding of how they made them for sale online.

But a much simpler way might be to just grab a few quotes or even a tweet from another individual.

Not only does it further validate your argument, but it also shows your audience that you put in effort to do actual research for your post.

Lastly, don’t restrict a reference simply to your blog post, as they have a place everywhere. A perfect example of this is on the homepage of BackLinko, where Brian cites Neil Patel from QuickSprout

doubled my traffic in 2 weeks

If you’re struggling to build relationships with influencers, try these 5 unconventional influencer marketing methods.

Incorporate Awesome Design

One of the core things that I believe is lacking from most blogs is awesome design.

Honestly, I get it.

Firstly most of us do not have the web design skills to really put together an amazing image to accompany our article.

And even if we did, who has the time.

The alternative is to hire a designer, but that can be expensive, even if it is outsourced.

And again, who has the time to think ahead and get images in advance of writing an article!

But the truth is that blogs that have awesome design immediately convey a sense of authority.

55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on your website.

Now, in those 15 seconds do we think that people are spending a lot of time reading or looking?

My guess is that most of those people are simply looking around, deciding whether or not the blog/website conveys enough authority to make it worth reading.

After all, anyone who has been blogging for some time can spot a custom image, and we know how much work that requires.

Just look at Brian’s blog BackLinko, every post is filled with custom images:

how to rank for any keyword

And yes, I realize I’ve already referenced him twice in this article, but the fact is the man has awesome design.

And you should too.

Here are some places to implement custom images:

And the great thing about design is that you can use it over and over.

For example, on NinjaOutreach, our blogger average software, we have this banner that we use for giveaways.

ninja outreach giveaway

We are trying to run giveaways once a month, and now we have an awesome looking banner to do so.

The lesson here is that if you are struggling to improve the design of your blog, start with the things that will benefit you for a long time and which rarely change.

Make Yourself A Case Study

Depending on your niche that can be quite a lot of fake it until you make it.

Basically, a lot of people who like to talk the talk, but are they really walking the walk?

I’ve certainly had my suspicion over the years of people who are writing about things they knew very little about. For example, people in the make money online niche, who actually don’t make any money online at all (or at best do so by telling other people how to do it).

To this day, this is still a problem in many niches.

One way to overcome this is through a live case study.

This is where you make a public announcement to your audience that you will be undertaking a project, and then you revealed the results to them live as they happen.

An example is Jon Haver’s Authority Website Case Study.

And even if you don’t want it to be live, you can still write about something that took place, and simply provide the data as you have it.

Either way, you’ll will be placing yourself well above all the other people who are not practicing what they preach.

Increase The Length Of Your Articles

This is probably going to sound very gimmicky, much like when I said you should use bigger words.

But it’s not meant to be.

In my personal experience, the articles that I see which tend to do the best are very long and in-depth.

It is just very difficult to put together a very authoritative in research article in a few hundred words.

That might be different if you are simply telling a story or providing some sort of opinion and you are not intending to write a strong authority piece.

But more often than not, your article should be in-depth.

And for those people who don’t believe this, we have another data backed article

SerpIQ studied search results rank based on content length. Here’s what they found:

average content length of top 10 results

The higher the Google SERP position, the more content the page has. Notice that every one of these first page results has content exceeding 2,000 words.


Anyone can start a blog, there are no barriers to entry.

But authority is something that you have to earn.

And honestly, that is a good thing, because the rewards of having authority are tremendous.

Dave SchneiderDavid Schneider is the Content Director at NinjaOutreach an all in one Influencer Outreach software for marketers. He blogs about business at SelfMadeBusinessman. You can also find him on twitter @ninjaoutreach


Google’s Most Expensive Keywords – Nov. 2012

For those of you who do cost-per-click (CPC) advertising with Google in their Adwords program, have you ever wondered what the most expensive keywords are? Some of our clients have told us that they’ve paid as high as $8 per click for certain keywords. That seems relatively cheap compared to the list of Google’s Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords as of November 2012.

  1. mesothelioma settlement
    CPC: $142.67
  2. mesothelioma asbestos attorney
    CPC: $121.68
  3. asbestos attorney
    CPC: $117.23
  4. asbestos law firms
    CPC: $106.77
  5. sell annuity payment
    CPC: $95.16
  6. annuity settlements
    CPC: $92.36
  7. structured annuity settlement
    CPC: $92.36
  8. auto donation
    CPC: $84.51
  9. virtual data rooms
    CPC: $79.59
  10. donating a used car
    CPC: $79.35

The top four are for class action lawsuits with the potential to make lawyers a lot of money. Therefore, they are not too concerned about paying over $100 per click. Numbers 8 and 10 are quite intriguing as I had no idea donating a used car could be that profitable to someone that they’d paid around $80 per click.

If you’re looking for help with your cost-per-click advertising, if you would like to do Search Engine Optimization to avoid having CPC advertising or if you would like to do both, contact us at Hurricane Web Design and we can help.

To 20 most expensive keywords in Google AdWords advertising

If you’ve ever tried Cost-per-click advertising with Google AdWords you know how expensive it can be. Have you ever wondered just what keywords Google makes the most money from?

Here are the 20 most expensive Google AdWords cost-per-click keywords and the top CPC paid for each and the percentage of Google’s total ad revenue from each courtesy of Wordstream:

  1. Insurance – $54.91 / 24%
    (examples: “auto insurance price quotes”, “ca automobile insurance”)
  2. Loans – $44.28 / 12.8%
    (example keyword: “consolidate graduate student loans”, “fixed home equity home rates”)
  3. Mortgage – $47.12 / 9%
  4. Attorney – $47.07 / 3.6%
  5. Credit – $36.06 / 3.2%
  6. Lawyer – $42.51 / 3%
  7. Donate – $42.02 / 2.5%
  8. Degree – $40.61 / 2.2%
  9. Hosting – $31.91 / 2.2%
  10. Claim – $45.51 / 1.4%
  11.  Conference Call – $42.05 / .9%
  12. Trading – $33.19 / .8%
  13. Software – $35.29 / .8%
  14. Recovery – $42.03 / .7%
  15. Transfer – $29.86 / .6%
  16. Gas/Electricity – $54.62 / .6%
  17. Classes – $35.04 / .5%
  18. Rehab – $33.59 / .5%
  19. Treatment – $37.18 / .4%
  20. Cord Blood – $27.80 / .2%
Consider this, 97% of Google’s revenue comes form advertising.
Check out the large info-graphic below.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ]

If you need help with your internet marketing and cost-per-click advertising or if you would like to rank higher in organic search so you don’t have to use as much cost-per-click advertising, contact our Vancouver web design company and we can help you with SEO (Search engine optimization) for your web site.