When To Hire A PR Agencies For Your Fashion Brand

  Every business owner is entirely responsible for what goes on in their business. This includes any designer either you are established or newcomers. For an emerging artist, your clientele is building up, you are getting known outside your locality, and you are taking more fashion weeks as well. At this moment you will always […]


The Reason Why Everyone Loves Instagram

In this generation, people are very fascinated with technology, more so with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and much more. Today, everyone seems to be so hooked on their smartphones or iPhones. You can see almost everyone always logging into their social media accounts just to post about anything they want […]

ssl certificate boost seo and customer retention rate

How An SSL Certificate Can Boost Your SEO And Increase Your Customer Retention Rate

Do you know that an SSL certificate can improve your search visibility? A recent study by Harvard Business School shows that increasing your customer retention rate by 5% increases profit by 25 – 95%.   Businesses are working hard to get to the first page of Google SERPs. Although, some of these businesses work in […]

10 website design trends expected for 2017

10 Website Design Trends Expected for 2017

Happy New Year! Now that 2016 is in the books, everyone is looking ahead to the upcoming year. In web design, this means looking at trends from the past two or three years, which set the direction for some stunning design innovations in 2017. Here are some of the big ones. 1. Big Type, Bold […]

deconstructing googles algorithm in code

Deconstructing Google’s Algorithm to Understand Advanced SEO

Let me introduce you to a hard-hitting reference that is useful in making adjustments to your website to help improve your search ranking and, in turn, let you benefit from any increase in search traffic. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the act of maneuvering website pages to become accessible by search engine crawlers so […]

what types of business benefit most from local SEO

What types of businesses benefit most from local SEO strategies?

In today’s blog post we have Thomas Eder of Sawgrass Digital Marketing here to tell us about the types of businesses that benefit most from SEO, why SEO isn’t right for every business, and how you can predict if SEO will have a high ROI. Thomas has also included a simple formula you can use […]

add more authority to writing

5 Ways to Add More Authority To Your Writing

In today’s blog post we have Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach telling us about 5 ways to add more authority to your writing. He provides some great tips on how you can do it to increase trust in your content and even grow your business. Correct me if I’m wrong, but nobody is writing for people […]

press release

Google Flip-flops Regarding Press Releases

For quite some time us SEOs have been using press releases as one of the many things we help rank our own sites and our client’s sites. They allow us to get our client’s info out to many different media outlets and their websites with links back to our client’s site from authority websites. These […]

How you increase your rankings on search engines: Cartoon

In case you are all wondering, you need to figure out this math problem in order to rank better in the search engines. Sort of reminds me of Matt Damon’s character in Goodwill Hunting who solved the math problem at M.I.T.

seo is not dead

The Rumours Of The Demise of SEO is Premature

Everyday I read through blogs that say SEO is dead. Usually this comes from either: Fear mongers People trying to sell a product or informational book about getting traffic without SEO Uninformed journalists not in the SEO industry People saying the new SEO is social signals Obviously SEO (search engine optimization) is not dead. It’s […]