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What Are The Key Components of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

compoments of successful email marketing campaign featured imageLet’s just start with a few numbers that will blow your mind. Jay Harper sent out a couple of emails to his contact list and made $10,895.54 from it for Red Apple Lipstick. Similarly, a web designer named Nathan Barry made about $12,000 in sales in the first 24 hours of an eBook launch. In the first year, his email campaign brought them over $85,000. Almost 92% of all online businesses have confessed that email has been producing positive returns for them.

Why are email marketing campaigns effective for every business?

Everyone who uses a computer and the internet has sent at least one email in their lifetime. Firstly, research shows that over 83% of all online marketers are not utilizing email marketing simply because they do not have the technology or workforce to track and measure the metrics following the campaign. Secondly, 91% of all US adults like receiving promotional offers from businesses via email.

Email marketing is easy, efficient and economical. Even if you own a new company that is starting from scratch with a bucket-load of debt, you can easily make money by sending a few emails.

How to ace your email marketing campaign?

Well, irrespective of your business finances and understanding debt program’s details, you can move ahead with an email marketing campaign. It does not involve a lot of cash, and it does not involve a lot of labor either if you have the right software doing the job for you.

email marketing

Are you mobile?

It is the first question any digital marketing expert will ask you the moment you approach them for economic marketing solutions. Not a lot of companies and businesses are online at the moment. In fact, a few of the most well-known companies in the USA are not yet fully mobile. They may have AMPs and responsive website content, yet they lack native applications. More people are shopping from mobile devices right now than people buying at the store or from desktops.

You need emails for mobile as well. Responsive emails are a thing now, and you need them to reach to your potential customers. Recent research shows that recipients immediately delete emails that are non-responsive to their mobile screen. In fact, if you are not yet mobile, you may be losing close to 61% of all potential shoppers. 40% of them are likely to go to your competitor sites if they are mobile optimized.

Use a reputed service

MailChimp is a great option for both beginners and pros. They even offer unique segregation methods for the users. You can segregate according to signup date, purchase history, demographics, behavioral history and geographic location. Getting the premium deal with MailChimp is like winning the email-marketing lottery for all entrepreneurs. The service is reliable, affordable and easy to use.

You can experiment around, try new segmentations and customize your messages for each recipient group. Follow up with tools that detect recipient behavior. Following the recipient metrics is crucial for all email marketers, irrespective of their niche and production size.

What’s your subject line?

Once Marketing Experiments ran an A/B test on subject lines, and they found that they were able to increase their CTR by a whopping 125% by simply testing their subject lines. Now, testing for a subject line may seem like a slop-job. Something unsophisticated and unnecessary. However, the metrics from the history of email marketing campaigns teach us better.

You will find endless studies on crafting the perfect subject line for invoking customer curiosity. There are all kinds of findings. You will find long ones, short ones, ones that involve numbers and special symbols. We have discovered that personal and interrogative subject lines work best for solution companies and services. Mentioning a part of the offer works best for most seller/retail stores online. However, there is no one perfect line. What works for other sellers, might not work for you. Run your own A/B test and find out which one does.

Is your provider delivering?

Undelivered emails equal unattained profit. If you are a big business, you may be losing out millions. If you are a small business, you are losing out on precious potential customers. You cannot leave those “undelivered” emails and move on with your next project.

Sometimes, all you need is a better provider. Almost 12% of total emails never reach their correct recipient; they simply go missing. About 7% of global emails end up in spam folders. That is why you need email tracking tools, which can tell you about the immediate fate of each email you are sending out, using your email marketing service right now.

It is also the difference between getting a reputable service provider and a cheap new one. Most global service providers work day and night to whitelist your ISPs. They make sure that your email IDs remain in the clear. Getting whitelisted is one of the best ways to ensure email delivery to the relevant recipients on time.

Follow up

Only sending emails and forgetting all about them is not enough. You need to follow up with further emails. A good service provider will always offer you an option to create the autoresponder sequence. Seize the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business. Include visual elements to create a stronger impact. Product photos and offer images are not a bad idea. Be as detailed as possible since most of your target customers will open marketing emails in their leisure time. Keep the language crisp and the content straight forward.

The content of the email will vary depending upon your business status and motive. While some companies like to go to pitching directly, others like to be more formal with the introduction. You can get many ideas online and check out more A/B testing on the subject of emails that work for new businesses in 2017.

simon morrisSimon Morris is an experienced and skilled Business consultant and financial advisor in the USA. He helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans. During his spare time he loves to write on business, finance, marketing, and social media. He loves to share his knowledge and expert tips with his readers.

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Deploy Effective Email Marketing Solutions For Your Business Debts!

Email marketing solutions for your business debts featured image
Business debts take a toll on the functions and the operations of your company. However, the sooner you eliminate them, the better! There are several ways via which you can realise business debts, and one of the most efficient ways is via email marketing!

Understanding email marketing and business debts

Emails have become an integral part of the business world today. In fact, they have replaced traditional communication in offices across the globe. They are faster and convenient. Email marketing has developed to spread awareness and education to customers. It also is used for recovering business debts as well. For the email marketing campaign to be successful, it is crucial for you to ensure that the language and the choice of words are appropriate for you to collect pending debts.

Be familiar with the basics

When it comes to email marketing for recovering debts, you need to be familiar with the basics. You have to create a collection strategy that helps you to realise the amount pending from defaulters. A key message needs to be developed and sent out to people. The emails are sent automatically to them so that the message reaches their inbox. You also can create a unique set of messages for collection and use the ones that are appropriate for each case.

It is crucial for you to be unique in your approach and ensure that you receive alerts when the client pays back the pending debts. The biggest advantage of email marketing for debt recovery is that it is cost effective. It saves you the time and money from making individual collection calls. Secondly, it also helps you to send some emails to defaulters at a single click. It spreads awareness of the nature of the debts pending and helps you get an account of the amount due from a single source.

How do emails help you in debt collection?

Email marketing also helps you to collect the debts that are pending from clients in a way that is non-intimidating. You can get free reports when it comes to the collection status. You also can offer online payment options in your email so that people get a link to give you back the money. In fact, if you are a collection agency you can also share tips and other articles when it comes to email marketing and the collection of pending debts. These are ways via which you can get your money back. Sometimes debtors forget they owe you money and so an email is an effective and polite way of reminding them. There is no need for you to go harsh with them in the first instance. You can subtly ask them for your money back. Most of the time the online payment options will help you realise your money faster with just a simple email.

Scheduled emails are sent to people at regular intervals

When it comes to email marketing for debt collection, it is important for you to ensure that they are sent to the debtor at regular intervals till the money is not realised. With the aid of email marketing, you can schedule these emails at regular intervals automatically. You do not have to resort to manual means and remember when to send them to debtors.

email on a mobile phone

Business debt consolidation – awareness and education

Esteemed company says that when it comes to business debts, some debtors look for remedies in the form of business debt consolidation. This means that all their pending debts are clubbed together under a single umbrella. These debts can be paid off in reduced instalments over a passage of time. Email marketing also helps businesses and collection agencies spread awareness on business debt consolidation. They help people to get back their money in an organised and consistent manner.
Improve the success rates of debt collection with email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have improved the success rates of debt collection online. They can establish active communication and trust. Moreover, most debtors are often offended by the intimidating calls that are made by collection and debt agencies. You can get back your money with the aid of simple reminders that are sent at regular intervals to the clients that owe you money.

Focus on a targeted audience for debt collection

The biggest advantage of email marketing is that it is focused on a targeted audience. The costs are just a fraction of the traditional communication costs that you incur when you send out these emails to a large group of people. With email marketing, you can create deeper relationships as the written communication will have a message that is to the point with instructions as to payment options and mode. With email marketing, you can control the people who see and read the email. This means you have no fears of it falling into the wrong hands. The recipient of the email will also receive information as to the mode of payment options from a single source. There are no print costs or advertising costs for both parties to be borne and this is what makes it very attractive and affordable.

Email marketing provides you with affordable solutions

Business debts are a liability for every company, however, with the affordable solutions for email marketing, you can remind and ask your clients to pay you the money on time. Even if you are a small business, you can reap the benefits of email marketing for your company. Deploy experts from good SEO companies to help and guide you. However, when it comes to email marketing, ensure that you have the right email strategy and advisor to plan it actually for you. This takes time, and a customized plan should be devised for success.

Take time to research well. Choose a company that has proven track records and positive reviews. Business debts can be realized, and they do not have to be a liability on your business forever!

Walter MooreWalter Moore has worked as a social media strategist in the SEO industry for seven years. He has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to social media marketing, including gaining visibility by leveraging followers for Instagram.

Capturing Instagram Interest Featured Image

Capturing and Maintaining The Interest Of A Large Instagram Audience

Capturing Instagram Interest Featured Image
As far as marketing your brand online goes, Instagram is among the greatest tools you can have in your arsenal. With 700 million users, you can be certain that your current and prospective customers are on the platform and by setting up and running a successful account, you can reach them.

For you to tap into the immense marketing potential of Instagram, there are some things you need to do right. Here are a few.

Post your unique content

Make sure that the content you post on the social media platform belongs to you. Instagram users are interested in your unique message, so don’t post generic posts or posts created by someone else. Furthermore, by sticking to content that only you have created, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Post only your best stuff

In addition to seeing content that’s uniquely yours, your followers want to see high-quality posts. People log into Instagram to see great photography, so keep them interested by posting highly creative, the well-thought-out content of a wide variety. Use all the options for posting: single photos, multiple photos in a single post, regular videos, live videos, and Instagram stories.

Experiment with a couple of filters and backgrounds for your posts before settling on one. Once you determine what works, stick with it to have a distinct style that your followers for Instagram can recognise. At this point, consider consulting professional photographers if you know little about photography.

Engage your audience

Once your high-quality posts are up, your Instagram audience may respond to it by liking your posts and commenting on them. Make your Instagram profile highly interactive by replying to comments on your post. Users appreciate it when your brand notices them and will often reward you by following you and remaining loyal.

Boost your visibility by encouraging your followers and customers to post about their experiences with your products or services. Instagram contests are useful in this regard. Ask your customers to post about your products/services and have them tag those posts with your brand name and hashtag, then offer a nice prize to the best. This generates a buzz around your brand.

Post often

Your Instagram followers and customers on the platform want to see fresh content. So for you to keep them interested, you need to have a deliberate strategy for the frequency of posting. Do some research and find out what time your target audience is most active and which hashtags they are most interested in, then tailor your posts accordingly.

Avoid hard-selling

As you market your brand on Instagram, never lose sight of why people are on the platform. They’re there to have fun and enjoy great photos and videos, not to be sold to stuff. Give them a great experience by posting top-quality content and exercise good judgment in the way you incorporate calls-to-action and sales pitches into the conversation.

Walter MooreWalter Moore has worked as a social media strategist in the SEO industry for seven years. He has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to social media marketing, including gaining visibility by leveraging followers for Instagram.


Help Me Help You: A Guide to Optimizing On-Site Search

Having a well-optimized site search tool does two important things for your site. For your customers, it allows them to quickly and easily find what they are after. For you, it gives valuable insight into what your customers are looking for when visiting. With this information, you as a business can make sure you are meeting their expected needs, and if you find that you are not, you can adjust your products and services to serve them better.

In fact, customers who do an on-site search generate more revenue than those who do not. For example, an average of 30% of visitors will perform an on-site search, and for e-commerce websites, customer conversion rates nearly doubled from people who used on-site search and found what they were after.

You probably think that you understand why a great on-site search tool is important, but figuring out how to make it great is easier said than done. Here are some simple ways to improve your on-site search tool to make sure that it is useful and intuitive for your site visitors.



Start by making sure that your search box is a static fixture on all your pages. It should appear in the same spot with the same design regardless of the page your customer is on. It is also recommended that you make it a visible search “box” and not just text or an icon. A Nielsen Norman Group study showed that there was a 91% increase in search usage when displaying a box versus text alone. This is a great reason to be sure to use a traditional search box format. does an excellent job of keeping their search bar in the same front and centre location across their entire site. Regardless of where the customer is in their shopping journey, they can quickly and easily perform a search for additional products.


To further enhance your search box place some text inside of it so that it is evident to users what the purpose of the box is. Something as simple as the word “search” or “search for” works perfectly, or as has, “Search and start saving…”

You also want to allow your user to start the search by simply hitting the return key. You don’t want to force your user to mouse and click the search button/icon.


It’s important to make sure that your on-site search will auto-complete as your customers are typing in their requests. This enables them to find exactly what they are after on your site painlessly. Zappos’ search bar is an excellent example of this: entering only the first four letters of Adidas returns ten possible queries from the various collections they carry.


Setting up autocomplete is a relatively simple process, and most site design templates like WordPress offer free plug-ins.


Try helping your customers by tackling the most reasonable terms and providing customised results based on the query. So the goal would be to have a different results pages based on different search terms, even if the terms are very similar. FTD does a great job of this with their wedding flowers, providing custom graphics that correspond with that term, versus their standard layout for a more general query such as white flowers.


The reason is that if a client searches a second time with a similar search term, it is likely they did not find what they wanted the first time. You want to make sure you are returning different results pages and images each time to increase the chances of them landing on exactly what they are after.

To that end, you also want to be very sure that you do not return a zero results page. Have a plan in place to return a page of value even when no results are found. You could return a page with your most favourite items, sale items, or even better, when possible you can return items in a similar category as the item they entered in their search. Best Buy does a good job of this when searching for the fictional item milk steak, wherein they return items that pertain to a similar term they carry.



If you offer items in varied colours, sizes, etc… try returning images that best match the searched terms. For example, if you sell outdoor equipment and someone types in “black grill” you want your results page to show images of the black options of all the different grills you sell, just as Home Depot has done.


Likewise, if the user types in “patio chairs” you want the results to show images of your selection of patio chairs. You may not always have images to match every option you offer, but do your best to match the returned images as closely as possible to the original search terms.

Understanding the added value a robust on-site search tool will give to your clients makes the effort it takes to optimize your search tool well worth it. Taking the time to make sure your search engine is working hard to make your user experience smooth and productive will dramatically help convert visitors into customers.

nicole-stelmarNicole Stelmar is a digital marketing specialist for Inseev Interactive, a digital marketing agency based in San Diego. Nicole specializes in helping businesses of all sizes use digital marketing and SEO to grow their digital presence.


Mobile App Development: Is It a Profitable Affair?

Any industry’s success currently depends hugely on Mobile marketing and mobile app development. A whole lot of personal services including banking, advertising, payment, etc. have today become mobile. The introduction and growing popularity of several kinds of mobile devices and the advent of the all-new mobile operating systems have led automatically to the emergence of more and more app developers for mobile devices. In this context, you must know that the mobile apps are more advantageous as compared to the mobile websites since they are targeting the concerned consumer directly. Many of you are wondering what would be the cost of developing a good mobile app, and is it a profitable business?

It is not a secret that mobile app development right from scratch could be pretty challenging. The developer must take into account all the basics about specific smartphones or OS which he is coming up with for understanding the precise manner in which the OS or the smartphones works and go about developing apps for it. This issue could get quite complicated in the event of cross-platform formality that would be involving the creation of compatibility for several devices and also operating systems. App development companies in Mumbai could be of great help and offer professional assistance.


Mobile App Categories

Mobile apps belong to two broad categories: the mobile apps that are created solely for generating income and mobile apps which are developed precisely for app branding and marketing purposes. In the first type of mobile apps, the profit is acquired directly as well as indirectly from app sales and in-app ads and subscriptions. The top instances of this are nothing but the modern gaming apps, like the Android’s Angry Birds. Many companies would end up making quite a lot of profits from app development. Moreover, apps generated purely for branding or marketing are today available completely free of charge. The app would be merely acting as a marketing network.

Cost as Opposed to Profit

There exists no real standard cost associated with app development. The cost of developing a mobile app could be more than $25,000 for designing, developing and deploying a reliable iPhone app. The Android OS is supposed to be highly fragmented hence, increase in costs. All this expenditure and effort is worthwhile provided you are anticipating a good return on investment. Huge retail outlets that have a substantial capital and far too many consumers and banks achieve very high ROI. This, however, may not prove to be that profitable for an entrepreneur or freelancer whose budget is pretty


Ultimately, you must realise that mobile app development is certainly much more than merely the cost involved in the development and the profits accrued. If your intention is only to mint money from your mobile app and then generating profits, you must consider all the above-discussed points. You must also determine the app development process.

sujainSujain Thomas is attached to several app development companies in Mumbai as a freelancer. She is a passionate blogger and enjoys sharing important tips and tricks with her readers and followers.


Unique Designs For A Website To Be Visually Appealing

Web designers use different designs to appeal to the audience, and this is the reason why they ensure that they keep specific factors in mind when they are creating designs for a website. These designs need to appeal to the targeted audience so that they stay on the website and fulfil the call to action.

Meeting the needs of the targeted audience

Every website has unique features, and it needs to meet and match the needs of the client. When it comes to designs, websites can deploy character design, animation, integrated location maps, photo and text placements in the layout of the website. For example, take animation for instance. Experienced web designers state that the use of animation is not fancy. However, it can make the website unique. The layout allows you to scroll down the page and have the background animate gradually. Animation can improve the user experience as the transition is noticed as you go from one section to another.

How is the website design determined?

The following are some of the factors that determine the design of the website:

  1. The designer must decide where the specific design elements should appear. This will determine the focal point where the design might not be very intricate and detailed. This is precisely true for designers that are using character design for their websites.
  2. Experts companies like Las Vegas Web Design Co in the USA say that when it comes to parallax scrolling, where the background moves at a slower pace compared to the foreground, there is a 3D effect when visitors scroll down the page. However, it should be done by a skilled web designer or else the effect will get overwhelming.
  3. Displaying multiple sides of a product in one glance is perfect for product pages. Visitors can understand products better when this design is used. It is ideal for e-commerce websites that sell products online. The images have the same background, and this makes for a smooth and seamless core.
  4. When it comes to some websites, designers use real human beings that are behind the apps, products and companies of the website. They place photos of these people in their descriptions and role in the website design.
  5. Black and white colour schemes are at times resorted to by some web designers. This is a reverse colour scheme and is often used by web designers. Some designers often couple these black and white designs with grids to create the desired effects.

Therefore, web designers across the world use the above design ideas when it comes to the creation of their websites. The site should be interactive and communicate to the visitor when it comes to selling products or services. The design of the website will also help visitors to navigate without difficulties. Every website must be unique so that they appeal to the targeted audience and create a positive impression to keep them coming back to the site again and again!

sujainSujain Thomas is a freelancer, blogger, and most importantly SEO specialist attached to a private SEO company of repute in Boston. She is an avid blogger and a source of inspiration and authority for budding SEO experts.


5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools of 2017

Social media has been having a great impact on the way of marketing of the brands especially online. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that social media has brought the drastic change in your life.

Various platforms are showing up to transform your way of communication. The emerging changes directly affect the way brands communicate their message and your response.
The new platforms have proved to be very helpful and handy regarding marketing, which enables the host marketers to interact with you in ways that are aimed at providing best services. This way the track of the efforts being made by the customers can easily be kept. In this modern and competing world, it is a challenge to keep pace with the trending social media. For this very purpose, you have to review your toolsets, look into the most necessary tools and discard the old ones who are no more effective. After updating your ways, you will be able to get maximum benefit from the social media.

Following is given a shortlist to assist you in choosing the best social media tools.

  1. Buffer

    This tool has very simple analytical features along with the beautiful interface. It is a scheduling tool that you can easily find on social media. You can find a central dashboard from where you can efficiently share your stuff to different accounts and networks as well. Chrome has introduced an extension making it much easier to share simultaneously on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You find interesting case studies and guides on Buffer blog, especially for the new marketers.

  2. SocialClout

    A very addicting and easy content sharing platform for you is SocialClout. But to see the most engaging posts and social media ROI, you have to look vanity metrics. The primary purpose of Social Clout is to provide an analytical tool for the above-said purpose. It brings the best platforms, regarding demographics, into the limelight.

  3. Vibbi

    Vibbi is a fantastic tool for carrying out the marketing on social media and is mainly designed for the Instagram accounts. Vibbi provides different services on these accounts which help in enhancing the fame and promotion of the company. This tool lets you buy Instagram likes and followers they are real. Competing for the race of fast growing marketing, you need to have large follower base and much likes.

  4. Feedly

    Feedly aims at creating “magazine” daily, based on the RSS feeds from various writers and blogs that you give it as input. It’s a good source for you to know the heated discussion of niche influencers. You can also join these discussions and update yourself with the trends in industries. This way you can define your content strategy and schedule your social media posting as well. The best part is the integration with HootSuite, Buffer, and other scheduling apps. This way you can quickly schedule and share your posts from within the dashboard.

  5. Canva

    Keeping in view the difficulties non-designers face, Canva has been designed to facilitate you in creating interesting images that can be posted on social media or shared with your friends and acquaintances. It provides you with very easy to use interface bearing many templates, colors, fonts and many more useful tools. You can just drag and drop different elements of your desired image and arrange them in an interesting manner.

  6. Socedo

    There are a lot of moving pieces of campaigns being run by social media. The success of all of them lies in working together. For you being the manager of social media it is tough to manage all in such a limited time of day and focusing on customers as well all simultaneously. Socedo is such a useful tool which generates the demand and performs such grunt work, which if done by you, eats up most of your precious time and doesn’t allow you to focus on the main tasks. The negligence towards such works may lead you to the devastation in your primary tasks. The working principle of Socedo is the acquisition of targeted leads making practical use of various channels of social media and the lead generation automation. Making use of this tools you can very well focus on your increasing sales and revenues i.e. ROI while saving yourself from repetitive, annoying tasks.

qurbanQurban is a freelance writer who offers to blog, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works in close collaboration with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for, which provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.


When To Hire A PR Agencies For Your Fashion Brand



Every business owner is entirely responsible for what goes on in their business. This includes any designer either you are established or newcomers. For an emerging artist, your clientele is building up, you are getting known outside your locality, and you are taking more fashion weeks as well. At this moment you will always have the question of whether to find a PR for your company or just continue working on your own. To make a solid decision regarding hiring a PR representative, follow the below advice from the experts in the industry.

Robert Barrows who is the President of R.M Barrows, INC Advertising, and Public Relations.

According to Robert Barrows, it is not necessarily for an emerging designer to hire a PR agency as you may not be able to afford their services since your business is in the process of growth. Also, he stated that it may take a while before you utilize their services in your brand and therefore instead he advocated for an advertising agency as with such an agency you can have your name known yet within your stipulated budget. Therefore in other words according to Robert, it is not necessary for an emerging designer to hire a PR agency.

Tony Felice President of TFPR and Images Opinion.

According to Tony Felice, an emerging agency can hire for PR services, but they should consider hiring independent PR personnel instead of an agency as they can’t be able to afford it. With staff who have good industrial experience and great proven media contacts, you are safe and ready to go.

Emily Taffel Founder/CEO of Mugsy PR.

Emily stated that any brand requires a representative so as to ensure that they don’t miss on the editorial pieces, fashion events and also partnership opportunities. With a PR representative, you will also you have the chance to connect with industry influencers and other people who can lead you to the limelight. Therefore an emerging designer should consider hiring a PR agency so as to achieve these.

Alicia Sanchez, a Designer of Favela and Brander of the Fashion Designer Business Academy.

Alicia stated that if you are an already established designer brand, then you will not have problems getting a PR instead different PR agencies will be looking for you so as to work with you. Just make sure that you have a set budget for hiring a PR, so you don’t end up spending too much on this field. She put across that fashion is just like any other business and therefore should be handled as such.

Annette Szczepan a Publicist and Founder of Anetka StarrPR.

She said that many fashion companies are emerging all over the world and therefore the only way of getting your brand known is by finding a good publicist or agency to push your brand. These bodies will help you get noticed, established and also get connected to the right people. Therefore get a PR firm but do it wisely as well.


Follow the above experts’ advice to guide you in making decision regarding if you need a PR agency or not.

magnolia-logo-vancouver-bc-PNGFounded in 2006, Magnolia is one of Vancouver’s top PR Agencies, B2B & marketing communications companies. Working with clients across North America, our full-service PR firms of social media marketing, vertical marketing & public relation experts strives to earn our clients’ trust through a relentless pursuit of excellence — in our work, thinking and approach.


The Reason Why Everyone Loves Instagram


In this generation, people are very fascinated with technology, more so with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and much more. Today, everyone seems to be so hooked on their smartphones or iPhones. You can see almost everyone always logging into their social media accounts just to post about anything they want to show their friends or even strangers. It is undeniable that Facebook has achieved success massively. And now, Instagram is continuing to innovate and reaching out to more people. An official Instagram page of an individual or business aims to get real Instagram followers. This means real people with Instagram accounts and not just trolls.

Instagram followers are there basically for these five reasons:

Instagram displays excellent photos.

Nowadays, people love capturing photographs of just about anything and anywhere. This is not just to show off to friends. Somehow, it also brings out the creativity of a person. Most people love seeing beautiful pictures of food or places and wish they could experience the same. Photography is also becoming a new hobby for many people. A good image of a product also speaks a thousand words and could signal boosting of sales in the market.


Instagram tells a story.

Just by merely looking at the photos, you can sense that it is telling you an incredible story. Instagram is also a place for bloggers to showcase the stories they want to tell the world. Because of the story, Instagram followers are expected to grow. Instagram is not just a place for trolling around. You cannot just buy Instagram daily likes just to show that you have a significant number of real Instagram followers; you have to creatively share inspiring stories that will help you get more followers and likes.

Instagram is fun.

What is Instagram without having fun? Of course, followers won’t stay long if they do not experience the fun and excitement of what Instagram has to offer. Also, it’s not only about the photos; Instagram has also made video uploading easier. Plus, you get to use Instagram Live video! Who could ignore direct messaging? This allows a faster interactive way of making friends online. Now, the newest addition to Instagram’s features is the ability to save the photos that you’ve liked. It’s about time!

Instagram has a great potential as a business tool.

Aside from a website, businesses need social media pages to engage the audience. If your business is not on the internet, you are nothing. This sentence is now becoming a fact because of how social media influences the people, especially on Instagram. Lately, videos have been one of the best modes of marketing for businesses. It pays to increase views on Instagram videos found in your business’ Instagram account. Moreover, advertisements on televisions are also being shown on Instagram to promote products to more people. Today, people use social media more often than turning on the TV.

Instagram is free.

Who wouldn’t want anything for free? Instagram is readily available and can be installed immediately on your smartphones. There are no premium fees to be collected from a user. However, business owners need to pay for their advertisements in reaching more people who are not their followers yet. This is one way of getting more followers to follow your page. As a follower, you become a targeted audience of business owners, so don’t get annoyed with the ads that are appearing while you’re scrolling down Instagram.

The influence of social media especially Instagram has grown over the years. This is why people resort to buying Instagram daily likes. More people get acquainted with each other through their accounts. This is a good way to building relationships not only personal but business relationships, too. The power of Instagram is affecting businesses and is giving small business owners a chance to achieve tremendous success.


sheena-mathiesonSheena Mathieson understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

ssl certificate boost seo and customer retention rate

How An SSL Certificate Can Boost Your SEO And Increase Your Customer Retention Rate

ssl certificate boost seo and customer retention rate

Do you know that an SSL certificate can improve your search visibility?

A recent study by Harvard Business School shows that increasing your customer retention rate by 5% increases profit by 25 – 95%.

ssl seo


Businesses are working hard to get to the first page of Google SERPs. Although, some of these businesses work in line with Google’s algorithm updates while others use black-hat SEO practices. On the long-run, this will not go well with their website.

However, there’s one technique most webmasters overlook which is not only important for driving organic traffic but to also retain customers.

It’s simply leveraging SSL to improve their business.

A recent Google transparency report shows that 79 of the top 100 websites still don’t deploy HTTPS. Even eBay, the popular shopping site doesn’t.

That’s so bad — this is one of the reasons why sensitive user information is disclosed daily and accounts been hacked.

So it doesn’t sound like a new thing anymore when we say users accounts are been stolen and sold every day on stores in the dark web.

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Well. in this article you’re going to find out why you need to install an SSL certificate on your website if you have not done so.

But first, let’s get the basics out of the way.

What is SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate provides a security layer on your website to protect your website from sharing sensitive visitors/customers information.

According to the official SSL websiteSSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.”

So, an SSL encrypts plain text like credit card details, passwords, and data that only the website and the user are meant to decrypt. It also authenticates websites and let users know when a website is not secured to visit/use.

You can identify that a website is secured with SSL certificate if it’s deployed via HTTPS like this: with a padlock as shown below.

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And in Google Chrome there’s an additional word added — “Secure.”

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Here are the ways an SSL certificate can help improve your business, and gradually boost your organic search performance:

1).  SSL enhances customer and visitor trust

The internet is really porous. We see a lot of horrible things happening online daily.

And it seems every day there’s another security breach headline. Studies have revealed that over 30,000 websites are infected with malware each day.

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So how do you make your own website safe for users?

By using a layer of security that communicates the security of your website to your customers (i.e., SSL certificate) from a trusted company, you can make your customers feel safer.

When customers see the “secure” in their browser address box and the padlock icon on your website — psychologically it makes them feel safe and positive about your website.

And they’ll feel like, “yes, this website is secure we can buy from them safely.”

Personally, I made up my mind that I’ll not even register on any website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed let alone buying a product there.

But, how exactly do you make your customers trust your brand?

Start by installing an SSL certificate. It’s a cheap way to get your customers to trust your brand more. A study by SaaS Brand found that 39% of websites with a secure server acquires more customers in the long-run compared to websites without it.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate installed you’re leaving a lot on the table and you’re turning your customers away. When visitors get to your website and they see this:

non ssl URL bar in browser


“Not Secure” – it immediately turns them off. They won’t buy from you.

2).  Improve Google rankings

In 2014 Google mentioned that in a way to make the web a safe place and to secure privacy for online users, they have decided to crawl more websites with HTTPS by default.

“Today we’d like to announce that we’re adjusting our indexing system to look for more HTTPS pages. Specifically, we’ll start crawling HTTPS equivalents of HTTP pages, even when the former are not linked to from any page.”

Yes, this is something you should take advantage of.

But will it work independently of other ranking factors?


You need to optimize your web pages in line with Google’s guidelines. Then, by the time you add an SSL certificate, it becomes an added advantage and interestingly that’s just where the web is moving to, we can’t possibly hide from it.

The process of setting up the SSL certificate can be a nightmare if you’re not experienced. However, most web hosting companies have made it easy by allowing you to install it in one click.

And have it updated automatically when it expires — having it installed isn’t enough,  updating is very important. It’s even scarier to visitors when your certificate expires and you don’t update it.

Look at this:

site's security certificate not trusted


Source: Netcraft

Your visitors will immediately hit the back button when they get here, especially those who understands what HTTPS means.

If you Install an SSL certificate properly you’re more likely to experience an increase in website traffic which your business needs to grow.

Malware attack can really affect user experience on your website and gradually pull your organic search rankings down. It’s possible.

If your website is been attacked by a malware Google may likely penalize your website.

And sooner or later, you’ll ultimately lose your ranking.

You know that time is required to recover from any form of Google penalty and might be difficult to return to your top ranking positions even after you’ve recovered from it.

In addition, don’t be the one distributing malware to your customers as a recent Kaspersky security bulletin reported that browsers are more vulnerable to malware attacks.

While there are other methods you can use to avoid this from happening it’s important that you use an SSL company that keeps you in check.

browser vulnerable to malware

3).  Improve Conversion Rate

It’s no news that if your customers trust your brand they’ll feel safer buying from you, and even become loyal brand advocates.

It’s very important that your prospective customers trust your business. This would make it easier for them to submit their credit card details and carry out safe transactions.

Remember that when there’s no trust, then there may not be a drive to buy.

The reverse is the case if your prospective customers notice that you are being careless about their security — they’ll take their money to your competitors. Worse case scenario: they might never return to your (unsafe) website.

However, not all customers will understand this technical stuffs, so it pays to add an SSL trust seal on your website to let your customers know how you value their safety.

See some examples of Trust seals:

trust seals

A case study by Symantec reveals that a client saw a 10% to 87% increase in conversion using Symantec EV SSL seal.

effect of trust seals on conversion and sales


This goes a long way to prove that an inclusion of SSL seals in any part of your website especially on your shopping cart can significantly improve your conversion rate.

On the flip side, your conversion will likely suffer without a seal. Or what do you think?

4).  Keeps data secure

While SSL certificate shows everyone that your website is legitimate it also allows you to secure your customer’s credit card details, bank details, and their passwords.

Hackers are constantly creating phishing websites but having an SSL certificate can significantly combat this practice and differentiate real websites from phishing websites.

More so, it’s important that you use a trusted SSL company that can really help you with adequate security; they would scan the web for a duplicate of your domain DNS and SSL private key constantly — you need this to be double sure about your user’s safety.

This is important — it ensures that your DNS and private key aren’t easily stolen with a malware just the way it happened to NiceBank, a large financial institution (NiceBank is a fictional bank that was used in a case study by Venafi).

NiceBank’s DNS and private key were stolen and used to create a phishing website that tricked a lot of the bank’s customers into submitting their credit card details to the site thinking that it’s the correct website. How sad!

And eventually, the credit card details were sold on the dark web at the AphaBay market — a fraud marketplace in the dark web.

alpha ba market


This is very important for all websites that accept credit cards, debit card and passwords.

Honestly, your customers will like to stay with your brand knowing that you care about their safety online.


I’m sure you’re now aware of the need to use an SSL certificate on your website.

Without one, users will hardly trust you and search engines will give other website preference over yours.

You can acquire an SSL certificate from any trusted company or get it for free from Let’s Encrypt, if you don’t yet have a budget for it.

However, the fact that it’s free doesn’t mean it’s trash. But here’s my candid advice: If you truly care about user’s safety on your website, invest in a premium SSL certificate.

Side note: If you don’t accept payments or collect emails and passwords on your website, you might not need an SSL certificate.

But you should install it because you’ll most likely be losing traffic to your competitors that have installed SSL certificate and also because that’s the norm online right now.

As usual, I’d love to hear from you. Do you use an SSL certificate on your website? What results have you seen so far?


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