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When To Hire A PR Agencies For Your Fashion Brand

  Every business owner is entirely responsible for what goes on in their business. This includes any designer either you are established or newcomers. For an emerging artist, your clientele is building up, you are getting known outside your locality, and you are taking more fashion weeks as well. At this moment you will always […]

Google Flip-flops Regarding Press Releases

For quite some time us SEOs have been using press releases as one of the many things we help rank our own sites and our client’s sites. They allow us to get our client’s info out to many different media outlets and their websites with links back to our client’s site from authority websites. These […]

The Rumours Of The Demise of SEO is Premature

Everyday I read through blogs that say SEO is dead. Usually this comes from either: Fear mongers People trying to sell a product or informational book about getting traffic without SEO Uninformed journalists not in the SEO industry People saying the new SEO is social signals Obviously SEO (search engine optimization) is not dead. It’s […]

Don’t Let Google Get Away With This

  On October 4 of 2013, Google released the updated version of their algorithm which included their fifth confirmed release of the “Penguin” update. Google called it “Penguin 2.1”. This update was far more punitive than the previous updates and decimated businesses. Some lost everything. They went from having lots of traffic to none overnight […]

The Evolution of Social Media

Looking at this info-graphic I would never have thought the CB radio was a form of social media, but it really was. I can remember back in the mid-70s when I was about 6 years old on a vacation in Southern California at a family friends house watching them use their CB. They would be […]