The Evolution of Social Media

Looking at this info-graphic I would never have thought the CB radio was a form of social media, but it really was. I can remember back in the mid-70s when I was about 6 years old on a vacation in Southern California at a family friends house watching them use their CB. They would be on that thing for hours talking to people they didn’t know or ever met. Sure, the CB radio came around in the 1940s but it really didn’t take off until the 70s when a lot of people had them in their homes and in their cars when it truly became a type of social media. Heck, I even had one in my car for a short period of time in the late 80s until some idiot stole the thing.

The whole CB thing didn’t last long although truckers still use it daily. In a sense, it’s still the top social network for truck drivers.

Another interesting note is how MySpace could have been the dominant player in the social media market as they were around before Facebook. I believe the biggest issue they had was that the site looked like crap because everyone could change the way their profile page looked. Anyone remember those beauties?

One last rambling note: Is it just me or does Pinterest really skew towards women?


Social Media Timeline
Courtesy of: Prohibition